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Frickz Picz Week 4 vs Jets

Hey guys here is a link to my weekly picz before they go up on my site, and also some of the best shots i took for those without access to photobucket. Enjoy and comment!

nice, thanks.

I'm sure you've answered this before, but how the hell do you get on the field? Do you work for a publication??

Brooks pissed himself

Tampering much Mr Rosenhaus?? Isnt Bowman with a current agent therefore Rosen shouldnt even be talking to him about getting paid. Well thanks guys heres the direct link... Later!
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Wow! Way to represent! That is awesome! I could hear our fans cheering louder than the J.E.T.S, Jets, Jets, Jets fans on the T.V. Again good job to those who went.
These photos were not taken from the field these were taken from my seat. But the times I get on the field be it pregame or during are because john York knows me from traveling everywhere.. or other times I get to be the assistant camera guy for the 49ers .. that's how I do it.
That's SWEET!! How do you rate??
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