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Was the officiating better today?

Originally posted by Gore_21:
Yeah, you would think that the ball should be but it's any part of his body or the ball. I think pretty much most of him was past it except half his back leg and foot. I will go back and check on game rewind though.

Here is what I got... I don't have frame by frame like a dvr though.... right click, view image to blow up... also, not sure but i think the ball has to be completely out. I would need frame by frame but by the looks of it it wasn't out. not sure they would have won a challenge.

dont think it's out yet

might be out, don't think so though, tiny bit of heal is on the line

out but it might have been out a frame earlier... close as I could get... was over the line but a frame before he might have still been close enough that a challenge would have been too tough to call.

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Kind a shocked the coaching staff didn't challenge that I was yelling my tv.
Originally posted by susweel:
Kind a shocked the coaching staff didn't challenge that I was yelling my tv.
Even on the last one which he might have had it out a frame earlier his foot was only over by 1/3 yard maybe. If it was out a frame earlier it might be only 1/4 a yard. Would have been really close. I think the rule should be the ball has to be behind the line though. Where he is throwing it his arm/the ball was probably a yard plus past the line. Might have been too close to call early on to lose a challenge and a timeout on.
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Seemed like the early games went better than the late games for the refs. Hope it continues to get better overall as the weeks go by.
easily better. The games were almost a joke before
I watched several games today and overall the flow of the game improved but there were some really bad calls all over the league today. I felt that in every game I watched the refs were really professional and had control of the games. The calls were better and they conferenced to get on the same page when they needed to . That said Im sure we will see them improve as the season goes on and get back to the level we are accustomed to.
I didn't see any difference really in the Jets vs. Niners game. There were quite a few blown calls, or at least questionable calls.

I think they're just a bit rusty from striking. I think it will get better. But one thing we always have to keep in mind, even the real refs blow calls from time to time.
A lot more PI calls around the league. With the replacement refs, WR's were getting mugged and not getting the calls. It seems the real refs are making a statement.
It really seems like people keep doing this stupid thing where they have to call out the refs now if they feel like they did something wrong and then follow it up with some snotty comment about how the replacement refs weren't bad. Like Jamie Dukes on twitter has been doing it all week long. Bunch of other people to.

The thing about the replacement refs besides the blown balls were that they were HUGELY inconsistent. You could steal a WRs wallet on one play, not get called for it but then tap him on the shoulder the next and its a pass interference. It was terrible. The other big thing is the flow of the game is much better. There aren't 6-10 minute pauses in action while they all confer and then the head dude forgets everything, has to confer again, then wants to review it, then confer again, forget what hes going to say and stumble over every word. It was all smooth.

Of course the real refs are going to miss calls or get some wrong. The game runs too fast and they have too limited of angles to not have mistakes. They are leagues and leagues better than the replacements though. The fact that the replacements weren't fit for lingerie bowls and the lowest division of college should tell you that.
Originally posted by susweel:
Kind a shocked the coaching staff didn't challenge that I was yelling my tv.

Thought the same thing but I believe they are trying to be a bit reserved, using their challenges with game altering plays. But I wondered...seemed pretty obvious.

When they showed the play again on the replay it looked like he still had part of his foot behind the line. I think Mike Pereira chimed in and said he thought the same.
they let a little more physical play go on in pass coverage , IMO it seemed like the replacement refs were pretty touchy and called a lot of pass interference calls ...and they also MISSED a lot of them too
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
the flow of the game was better

How can anyone in their right minds argue that the officiating hasn't been better? Games don't take years to finish. Officials don't huddle up after every play. Flags aren't thrown, and then picked up after a ref is chewed out on the sideline. Refs aren't being completely and obviously being cowed by the home crowd.
It's NEVER perfect but it seemed a lot better yesterday. Except in the Packer game.
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