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Hope to see Ginn, Jacobs and AJ Jenkins After This

I'm actually happy Kyle Williams did a good job today. He showed a lot of heart after last year.
At this point, he looks pretty good but if Ginn comes back he should be able to handle returns
as well. We might not have very much speed to stretch the field with Moss and Crabtree.
I'd like to see AJ Jenkins out there, at least give him a chance to dress up and play.
I want to see why we spent our 1st round pick on him, even just a glimpse.

Kendall Hunter didn't have a great game today. His misdirection run was blown
up by poor blocking in front of him. His screen pass went for almost nothing.
I think it would help us to have Brandon Jacobs as a change up to Gore.

Delanie has really declined as a pass catcher. Maybe we should give this Celek kid
a chance to line up.

This is going to be a long week.

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We won't see AJ Jenkins, probably all season barring an injury. There isn't enough room on the game day roster, and there are 4 (5 when Ginn is healthy) receivers ahead of him. He has no value in special teams either. This is actually a good thing for him though, because it gives him a year to develop and learn the pro game, he will be a better player for sitting his rookie season.

We got beat. Time to buck up, learn from it, and try to get better. Not panic and change up the players.
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IMHO Ginn has to re-earn the right to return kicks. Williams has done too well over the past 3 weeks with sound decision making and then we finally put him back on kickoffs and he busts off 2 huge returns. We'll see how the coaches feel about it but that is just me. I think it was Barrows said we might not even see Jacobs until week 5 against Buffalo.
Kyle Williams really stepped up in the return game after lackluster efforts last week.
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