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Watching this video hurt a little lol

Can't get the video to link right, scroll down some and watch the Willis video.
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Nice video. It only has one frame.
Originally posted by ninermedic:

I fixed the link to the right page, the video wont link correctly.

The video is Willis going into depth about his one time hatred for the Niners.
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dont even care. Willis will be a 49er for his entire career. He is the epitome of a team guy.
It seems like everyone was a cowboys fan growing up.... but who cares hes a niner forever
Hey, got to see it now. Great video honestly. Patrick's come along way. He's story and how he came to be in the NFL is great. I hope the best for this man. Great character and great player.
F**k Willis!!!
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Originally posted by Jesu80ncleats:
F**k Willis!!!

we can only be grateful for what he have done for us and the 49ers. he never betrayed us when he became a 49ers and never ask to be cut,release or even be traded so no matter what he will still be my favorite player.
I refuse to watch this, it's like if you're a super-religious person and someone tries to convince you that your God doesn't exist..

You don't wanna hear that sh*t

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