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Harbaugh once said "We're gonna build a bully!" With some other thoughts...

Originally posted by verb1der:
Clark Judge (, 1) - Almost everyone has holes, but you have to look hard to find any with this team ... and, please, could we stop the Alex Smith as "game manager" talk? It's not only old; it's inaccurate.

Alex only LOOKED like a "game manager" last season cuz the damn offense was so limited due to a shortened offeseason, in addition to the rest of the offense and their lack of complete knowledge with the whole playbook. So it shouldnt be a surprise now!
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Originally posted by Wodwo:
Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News, 2) - Best start by any team this season with a pair of victories over 2011 playoff teams.

Hmm... only one to vote the 49ers second place.

I'll give you one guess which team he voted first.

this dude is an idiot!

"3. Philadelphia Eagles — Eagles have the NFL's top offense and a 2-0 record to show for it."

The eagles have turned the ball over 9....... NINE TIMES lol how can that be considered the NFL's best offense?

Rewatching the press conference introducing him and Baalke, I remembered him promising to bring the west coast offense back to the team. I'm not too undesrtanding about the differences bewteen all of the types of the WCO, but it seems to me that there wouldn't be 7 OL on the field at the same time or 6OL and 1 DL.

I also remembered I don't care, I love it.
i think the best thing harbaugh did was unify this team. i saw somewhere that harbaugh mixed up the locker room rather than putting all the different groups by themselves, he said these guys are talkin about their families and gettin close and became an actual family. when i see these guys play i know they have eachothers backs. thats not the case on other teams
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