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Where to re watch The Niner games?

Originally posted by defenderDX:

Lmao!! Now Thats a real welcome!
Originally posted by THEB:
Theres a thread at the top of this forum named "All [Insert Team] Offensive and defensive drives"

This season im also posting the full games in 720p, but im keeping my links private so my channel isnt shut down

Thank you i just checked that out!! how can we get those links from you good sir??
i dont have NFL network, anyone know how to watch the game online?
^^ alrite guys read lol

on the top of the forum on teh sticky there is a thread called


go ther the whle game is there in that thread of every game so far
"NFL Rewind." Sorry it's not free. You pay a fee for that. But it's small and worth it. I watch every game twice. 1 live at a Sports Bar and 1 later on NFL Rewind. It's in HD streaming and the quality is good. Only available after the game is over. Not live. But it's pretty cool. You can break down specific plays and look at stuff in interesting ways depending where you freeze it.
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