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Grade the 49ers Through Week 2

Grade the 49ers Through Week 2

Originally posted by mella8:
B+ --- still havent shut teams out completely yet. Hope as the season progresses, we can take full advantage of our defense and take teams out with our offense before the half. If you can throw another team off their gameplan, then you know you've really damaged them. Im not sure we've done that yet through week 2.

Held two of the most prolific offenses to 1 offensive TD each. Pretty damn impressive
Originally posted by boast:
A- dropped passes.

A- Special Teams need fine tuning.
Originally posted by bleeds9ersredandgold:
A from me....but the Defense get a A+++ faced 2, 5000 yard passers held rodgers to 303 yards and stafford to 230 yards.... Just Great Defense.

Both QB's had s**t for passing yards heading into the 4th Q in both games as well. f**king Zebra's...

Pass rush, Special Teams, and putting teams away, are all areas where we can grow
Originally posted by blm7754:
A+ because we are 2-0 against playoff caliber teams.

However, dropped passes and special teams are areas of concern. Overall, we have been awesome!

Side note... where are all the Smith haters now? I'd say it's time to fess up and eat crow.

I think Alex has done well and has done what I had hoped, get about 225 yds/game and more importantly move the chains and string those passes together to make drives and not like last year-sporadic.. Hope AS keeps getting better and gains more confidence, I am one of those who had/has concerns, I don't consider what I said as hate. At the same, it is a long season, its not how fast you start but how you finish.
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