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HOW the 2012 49ers Were Assembled

I like that they didn't go nuts with FA's. Surgical precision to find the right guys. J Smith, and Goodwin was a good pick. I'm Moss and Manningham, contribute heavily this year.
Brooks = Best waiver pickup this decade
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Many were always here who just needed someone to believe in them and bring out the best in them, some like vernon simply grew up. some like alex had to be handled different by someone who actually knew what the f**k they were doing. others were brought in here for a reason. They were JH guys like your carlos rogers, goodwin, whitner etc. You had to draft well and we did a good job with that last year. You had to coach well and whether it be someone teaching these guys to be good tacklers(remember back when we were horrid at tackling), how to hold onto the ball or JH at the head of the rattlesnake. You have all that and now this year you dabble and add a free agent here and a free agent there to fill in the gaps we had from last year.
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What a draft 2007 was.

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man 2008 draft was a joke other than Josh Morgan

Mccloughan has an eye for talent but was/is so hit or miss. He has that draft in 2007 and then takes Kentwan Balmer in the first round in 2008.

He makes a good additional scout. Not GM material.

Nolan made the final decision in '07.

I always thought Nolan would make good general manager.
Wow the 2007 draft was pure gold.
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