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49ers offensive creativity cannot be overlooked

Bucky Brooks breaks down some of our plays and explains the effectiveness of them. Explains how creativity opens up running lanes and states that Alex is a deadly play-action passer.
I was doing the same for all plays, but my name's not Bucky and I don't get a thread.

The media giving Alex props.... I must be dreaming.

Originally posted by BayArea:
The media giving Alex props.... I must be dreaming.

It is nice to hear for sure. The creativity being shown by the 49ers is awesome. It was great watching the Packers getting blown off the ball every single down and getting mowed down by our offensive line all day long.
The running game is unstoppable. Its always going to gain positive yards. With the offense finally catching up to the defense, there's no where else to go but all the way
i was gon' post this, but i decided not to.
Defenses are running through a mirrored fun house with mike Tyson behind every one
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Look out for Freddy P. I think Harbaugh is a great coach that wont let him enter the building, but all this sudden gay love towards Alex and the rest of the team is a little unsettling. It is only week 2.
FINALLY .....Our offense is putting the fear into other teams, this is a far cry from the Singletary / Jimmy Raye "RUN-RUN-PASS-PUNT OFFENSE"
We ran a version of that play as our base offense, when I coached pee wee's! LOL other coaches (who's asses we kicked) said sure that play works here, but you couldn't run it in the NFL...I smile a big grin every time the unbalanced line works for the Niners! By the way this is nothing new, it is one of the first formations to be created after the forward pass was legalized! It just might be the oldest formation in modern football! One of our players grand fathers ran this offense for UCLA in the 1930's! He loved watching us run it in the 2000's.
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Some of you have already mentioned this in various other threads; I don't want to belabor the point, but man...I still can't believe it's only been 2 years since that opening day embarrassment up in Seattle. We were seeing the same types of formations and plays over and over and over again with the same (horrible) results. I'm grateful that the front office and coaching staff have a good understanding of talent evaluation (draft/FA), scheming and properly gameplanning for opponents, exploiting mismatches so the team is consistently one step ahead, putting players in spots to be successful (thus increasing their confidence), and making proper adjustments to eliminate an opponent's perceived strength. I'm hoping this continues...!
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