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NFL Top kickoff returns

I just hope if the NFL Network decides to show the top 4 kickoff returns os 2012, they show the block in the back so the amateur refs can see how they messed up. Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe the NFL Network should have a new list for 2012: Top Mistakes Made By Amateur Refs:

1. Seahawks extra time out.
2. Kickoff block in the back.
3. Flagging Aldon Smith for removing his helmet, which was already 90% kicked off by an opponent.
4. Pass interference calls (this can be a list all in itself)

Feel free to add.
Well if they decide to play the top 4 kickoff returns, the play from the 49ers/Packers game won't make it anyways. Considering it was a punt return and not a kickoff return.
I can see the call on Aldon Smith for the helmet thing. It was knocked up by the back of Rodgers's shoe, but Aldon should have pulled the helmet back down. He did take it off and toss it. Didn't have to be called, but I can't really dispute it.
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