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Lions CB Chris Houston calling out Randy Moss

Somebody should tweet Randy the Link that way he can have extra motivation to kill their weak seconday come sunday
What's up with all these scrub players talking s**t about our team
Did this scrub even play yesterday? Everything I'm hearing is tht him and Delmas might not be ready
Lets give Delanie a reason to smack his a$$ to the turf, a quick toss to Moss behind the line with Walker coming over to legally block. Would love to see the damage. Punk.
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I am so starting Moss next week, bruh.

What a complete f**king moron.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
What's up with all these scrub players talking s**t about our team

Seriously what the f**k is this s**t.

The good thing is our team is keeping their mouths shut and quietly beating the scrubs on the field.
lions really only have 2 good players in their secondary ( 1 good and 1 great almost elite)

houston and delmas

houston however has not proven himself enough to call out randy moss
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he means nothing to moss the coach or any of the players. people only talk when they are scared and trust me, after watching what we did to the packers at green bay and seeing how they struggled at home to beat the rams,,, they are very very f**king scared.

This Lion's team under Jim Schwartz is trying so hard to be the Oakland Raiders of Detroit. At least it seems that way. Raiders have not won a lombardi since 83. GOOD LUCK LIONS!
I think he is right. Not sure why people give so much respect to Moss going deep when he looks so slow out there. At least make him burn you once before playing off so far.
Goo f**king lord. This isn't a team you're going to mind f**k. You just added some great motivation, scrub.
chris have a problem
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