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Theyre sitting Willis in favor of Bowman

  • rtj03
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ITs bothering so much. Willis is out in dime and Bowman stays in. Willis has only played half the D snaps becuase the PAckers are staying in 4/5 wide. Crazy! Willis needs to be in!!!!
damn. Well at least it'll prolong his career?
It's one half of the first game.
i think its because bowman is faster
Didn't we pull Brooks and run a 3-2-6 in our dime last year?
Why you trippin
If that is the case, it just paid off.
  • JMC52
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That's why woman!
  • Garce
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Bowman was a beast today.
They didn't sit Willis. He rotated in with Bowman.

NT at its WORST
Maybe Willis got a stinger and Harbaugh never said anything.
Bowman has more lateral and backpedal movement ability than Willis. That is why he got that huge interception that saved the game.
  • MarkD
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Bowman is better in coverage.
In dime packages they were rotating Bowman and Willis for a bit.....but overall Bowman made the plays. Its a team game man, not a one man defense. I'm sure Willis himself was fine with it.
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