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The case against keeping Dobbs

The team loves him and there's no case for dropping him.
I like the guy but if we could upgrade over him, then sure cut him. Id rather McBath get cut before him he does though.
Sure he plays multiple positions. He only plays one average though. Celek is a better TE, hes the 7th best D-lineman and would be the 8th best LB. He had one good preseason but I dont believe he had any snaps on defense last season. If it comes down to he or Jenkins or James suiting up, then I hope Dobbs is in street clothes on sundays,
He was our 5th lineman last year (admittedly no huge thing as we didn't use one very often) and the team wants to use him more this year. Yes he saw snaps on defense.

As far as anyone being a better TE... the games haven't even started yet.

I trust the team's ability to judge. I also happen to like what I've seen from him in the limited time he's played.
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