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Dear lord...we aren't going to win a game now.

LOL! what I was thinking... talk about the kiss of death. F**k Skip Bayless' thoughts on anything... good or bad.

He picked us to go to the NFCCG last year. Just sayin.

And yes, tool is an accurate description of Skip Bayless. He hung up on me once when I called him a tool when he was filling in for Rick Barry on KNBR.

Lol. What led to you calling him a tool?

It's hard to remember exactly, it was like 6 years ago. But it was a couple or so weeks before the season, I mentioned that the Niners need only worry about the division, and he cut me off mid-thought and said we had no chance vs. the division. I didn't exactly call him a tool, I reiterated what a previous caller said, "the last caller was right, you are a tool." The previous caller got into a beef with him regarding Nolan's hybrid defense or something. He actually was a better host than Rick Barry, which isn't saying much.