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Preseason Week 3: Thoughts after re-watching the game...

Did they explain why Tolzein went back into the game for the last series?
Kaep made an excellent play on a 1st &10 playaction, avoided a sack , scrambled to the left, and hit Rueland down the sideline. Good stuff

Over threw Ginn but came back and made a good throw to Swain but Swain was held up -- again Dude doesn't seemed to be physical.

On a 3rd &8 when he dropped back, his first option was covered, good decision to get out of the pocket with a scramble

Good throw to K. Williams on a quick out. He learned to look off to the right then throw to the left. Got the ball to Williams for a good gain. But the defender still got a little jump on the throw. He's still looking in the direction of his throw BEFORE he finished his drop. Has to be look-step-throw in one motion. Only look when he's ready to step into the throw. Right now it's scary when he throws an out.

Had a good in the pocket throw to Jenkins. Not a lot of drop back plays for Kaep. Maybe a handful. He look improved since the first preseason game.
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Those back to back penalties against the Broncos following the timeout was ridiculous. I fear for our team if the real officials don't get back on the field, we could lose some close games to lousy calls. Now that could go the other way and help us, but let's be honest. We haven't gotten a favorable penalty since we came back on the Giants in 2003. The play clock was started way too soon and the refs did not inform anyone they were starting the play clock.
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