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should we be worried about our D?

i know it's only pre-season but our defense hasn't looked very good. we kind of got worked against the vikings, then the texans more or less had their way with us, and finally peypey obliterated us.

now i'm not suggesting that we're going to drop to a bottom tier D, but is it possible we go back to middle-of-the-pack?
No. Game planning for an opponent's specific weaknesses, which is not done in the preseason, is a major strength of this coaching staff and the defensive starters. The only pause for concern would be the missed tackles, but better to get those issues worked through in preseason.
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Our defense is good.

Out offense is what we should be worried about.
ask me in 3 weeks
Originally posted by jreff22:
ask me in 3 weeks

Ask me in 2.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:

I'm concerned only because it seemed like they were only playing at about 75% today. I just hope they don't think they can just turn it on and off like flipping a switch, because that attitude can get you in trouble.
No. Just worry about them getting healthy.
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Yes, our secondary is incredibly overrated and we will get shredded all season long if they dont step their game up. Only reason they were anything decent last season was because of all the turnovers they managed to create, but I really dont think any of them are good enough to handle the top WR's in the league. IIRC, we lost to the Card's last season because of stupid big plays that they would get just by chucking it down field, I really dont wanna go through that through 16 games this season.
I know we don't game plan for these games but the fact that we haven't been winning individual match ups is concerning to me. And the fact that the first stringers got ran on like they did is concerning..
I'm a little worried about the secondary if we can't get a really good pass rush. Seems like teams with a good qb may max protect and beat or db's
Not too worried about the D yet. Usually good Qbs rack up yards against them, but the D keeps us in the game. It's the offense that has got to step up. It still seems like it is VD or nothing as far as the passing game. THAT worries me.
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No Aldon, Bowman and last years #3 CB Cully(who is basically a starter because we use so much nickel packages) did not play. Also Baktari who has been seeing extra time because of the Nickel went down early and alma-francis came in for him. Also one of Mannings' "best" throws came on that outside throw to Lance Ball with Grant covering him like he was a CB lol.
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