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Tramaine Brock Thread

Originally posted by defenderDX:
Plus we'll have Cully back as probably the nickel corner. See ya Rogers lol

I fully expect Culliver to come back and start on the outside opposide Brock with a rookie as the slot corner/nickel back.
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Great signing. With Culliver, Brock, and Reid our secondary is gonna be young and awesome going forward. 4/$16mil is a steal for as good as he's been so far. Definitely glad they didn't wait til FA to do this.
Get Roby in the first..


lol at all the haters now
Originally posted by jrg:

Typical 49ers move. Extend them while they're moderately hot, but not so hot that they get an outrageous deal.

Great job, front office.
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Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:
Originally posted by jrg:

Yeah from undrafted free agent to 4 year contract extension.

Good work Mr. Brock.
So like 6 games worth of play = 7 million dollars?
Originally posted by ads_2006:
So like 6 games worth of play = 7 million dollars?

Last year he led us in ST tackles with 16. 2011 first 2 games he had int's as the #3 then he got hurt and missed the rest of the season. But yeah it's a potential based signing... if he plays like this for the next 4 years 4 mil will be an absolute steal as he is playing more like a 6-8 million dollar corner. If he goes back to bad Brock we dump him after probably 3 years but it's not like we broke the bank. Down the road I'm sure we can get out of it if we have to relatively unscaved as Paraag and company always do a good job with contracts. Even if he ends up regressing and is a #3 4 million is still not horrible since now days the #3 is out there a lot more than they use to be. It's a risk but if we waited longer would have just went up. He could have got more on the open market. He ends up with 6-8 ints some bad team could have offered 20-25 million.
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Looks like Brock and Wright as our starting corners next year.
One of the players most projected to be cut last off season on these here forums ....
Originally posted by mayo49:
Looks like Brock and Wright as our starting corners next year.
And hopefully Culliver is in the mix healthy as well
Wright's on a 1 year deal so not sure why anyone thinks he'll necessarily be here.