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Players who surprised you?

Aldon Smith. I really hated the pick.

It's a good thing I'm not the GM!
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Aldon Smith. I really hated the pick.

It's a good thing I'm not the GM!

I wanted Quinn! He may be good but Aldon has made a believer of me.
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Mine from 2011

Tarell Brown- Big time surprise. I thought he was done as a 49er, but when Spencer wasn't even suiting up, and Brown just went on fire, made a believer out of me, hoping it wasn't all Fangio, and that Brown has turned the corner.

Isaac Sopoaga- I always liked the Sopoaga pick in 04, but he when he got his $20M deal he kinda regressed, and looked like he was either lost or didn't care, but he looked like a new player under Fangio.

Aldon Smith- I didn't know If i would like this pick at first. I had him in the top 15, but didn't expect him to go to us. I figured if it wasn't Quinn or Amukamara it was Gabbert, but Aldon showed he was worth the pick. Looking forward to seeing what he does as a full time starter.

Bruce Miller- Never thought the once UCF DE could become such a good FB, and he has great hands.

Chris Culliver- Not a big one, I liked him coming out, but I was expecting Spencer to play, but Culliver showed he was more ready and looked better than him.

Kendall Hunter- Loved the pick, but he is tiny, so I thought he would be overpowered, but he didn't much, and now he looks amazing in the preseason.

Others like Snyder and Morgan, who are gone, but looked good when playing.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:

Tolzien is supposed to be that good. In fact he has just scratched the surface...
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Alex Smith
Bruce Miller
Aldon Smith
NaVarro Bowman
Ray McDonald
Isaac Sopoaga
Tarrell Brown
Dixon has officially surprised me! Really thought he was a goner, now it looks like he stays!
Originally posted by lamontb:
I would say Sopoaga. He used to look like garbage.

Agree. I thought Franklin leaving would kill our defense.
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