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Is NT Michael Carter's athletic record in jeopardy this season.

According to yahoo sports, Michael Carter a three time Super Bowl winning DL is the only man ever to win an Olympic medal and SB in the same season. Recent Florida graduate Jeff Demps won a silver medal in London in the 4 x 100 meter race. Demps focused on the Olympics this spring instead of being drafted, but was signed by the Patriots on Friday now that the games are over.

Does he have a chance this year? I remember him being very explosive in the SEC. He is already the only playerat UF to win two national championships (football and track) in the same year.
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Micahel Carter was one monster NT. He had Ted Washington size and Fred Dean's athleticism and quick moves. He was one unbelievable player for us. Our defenses were always top 5 with him at Nose.

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