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NFL Total Access - NoVorro Bowman

Anyone else catch this: Big Ears was interviewing NaVorro Bowman on 1-on-1, and made it a note to say he Niners lost to Minnesota in preseason. Bowman should ha e said "In order for you to do a good interview, shouldn't you get your facts straight? We WON that game. Don't tell me you didn't hear the final score with them Dumbo-sized ears of yours."
Idiot also said he had twin boys, Bowman corrected him saying twin girls.
Lots of mistakes. John Harbaugh...Jim Harbaugh. You guys lost to the Vikings. Twin boys --- no girls.
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So did they say anything interesting to read about or is this thread just to point out the interviewer making a few mistakes. Yes, brutal research, but what was the interview about??? Anything good?
If only he added a "LaMichael Finley" that would have been perfect.
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