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NFL Total Access - NoVorro Bowman

Anyone else catch this: Big Ears was interviewing NaVorro Bowman on 1-on-1, and made it a note to say he Niners lost to Minnesota in preseason. Bowman should ha e said "In order for you to do a good interview, shouldn't you get your facts straight? We WON that game. Don't tell me you didn't hear the final score with them Dumbo-sized ears of yours."

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Idiot also said he had twin boys, Bowman corrected him saying twin girls.
Lots of mistakes. John Harbaugh...Jim Harbaugh. You guys lost to the Vikings. Twin boys --- no girls.
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So did they say anything interesting to read about or is this thread just to point out the interviewer making a few mistakes. Yes, brutal research, but what was the interview about??? Anything good?
If only he added a "LaMichael Finley" that would have been perfect.
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