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So Whomeam, you plan on keeping the videos this year right? I would in case they close the account again. There are a million video hosting sites out there in case they do that. If you keep them on your computer you can always reupload them on a different account or site. Anyways, props for doing this again this year. I have game rewind so I probably won't be checking in much but it's nice for those that don't.
Yeah, i'm definitely keeping them. I plan on putting all of the videos on my external hard drive just in case i get dicked again.
Originally posted by Whomeam:
Yeah, i'm definitely keeping them. I plan on putting all of the videos on my external hard drive just in case i get dicked again.

Good idea, youtube was a lot more lenient back when it was owned by the 2 guys who started it but as time went on and now that they sold it to Google they definitely monitor and take more stuff down. No doubt the NFL will eventually find it and take it down. Just have to make a new account otherwise there are a lot of video hosting sites out there that don't worry about copyright infringement. I don't see what the big deal is on this stuff, not like you are profiting from it. Look how hard the NFL cracked down on the streaming games websites and the fake jersey suppliers. Good news though is for everyone that gets taken down another one pops up.
When are we gonna get Broncos game up? I wanna see AJ Jenkins 9 yard catch.
been looking for a good download of it and there isnt one up yet. I don't have a TYT account and not many people care about preseason. It'll be up as soon as possible.
NFL Network is re-airing the game at Midnight.
Hey guys, offensive drives for the Denver game are up. I was waiting for the defensive drives to finish rendering or whatever the hell you want to call it, they're all done, just waiting for it to finish up saving now. Only problem is that it's saying 5 goddamn hours until completion. I'll have that link up as soon as possible.
Thanks, missed the replay last night so I watched the offense. Will watch the defense when it's up. P.S. Do you have a few NFL videos on your account that aren't private? Maybe you should make them private because that could have been how they found you last time. Anything with the copyright make private. I see the Seattle game isn't private.
Yeah, Seattle game was the very first upload I ever made during this whole thing. I uploaded the Dallas game after that and it got taken down but Seattle never did. After that I switched accounts and made sure to make them private after that. I've never had a problem with the Seattle game so I just left it how it was.

Defense is now up.
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Whomeam if you can afford it, you should get an HD PVR and record the games yourself in HD. That way you get the video instantly, 100% virus free, and you can upload them in 720p.

Only problem is the HD PVR is like $200
Few problems with that. 1. I don't have cable and 2. I don't have a computer that is good enough to support 720p. If I did, all of my videos would always be that quality or better but i'm sadly stuck to a s**tty netbook so I have to go to the lower quality.

I DO want a PVR for video game reasons though. I know, I know, i'm a nerd.
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haha yeah that makes sense then. if i could afford a pvr i would supply your videos for you but i cant :(

Im a video game nerd also, and im 25 lol so dont feel bad
I turn 24 this year so i'm not too far behind you. I'm taking a break from inFamous as I type this haha.

I appreciate it by the way. It's a little hard finding preseason matches but things should get better once the regular season starts. Demonoid going down hurt hard but I have 3 or 4 sites I go to for this stuff so I should be fine.
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