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props for the work
Wait no longer!
good job man!!
I think watching game 2, CK7 looked legit. Patience on his throws. Minus that almost pick 6 he was extremely solid. Very encouraging. Yet to watch the defensive snaps but honestly they don't concern me. Go Niners!!

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good stuff
Thanks again for your work dude.
thank you
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Thank you for the upload.
Originally posted by Riot:
I love you, Whomeam.

Dis Doe

Thanks guys.

The Alex Smith videos are going good. I think I might have to redo the first one because even though I edited it perfectly, it's showing up as 9 minutes long with about 8 minutes and 30 seconds of it being blank. Weird stuff. Second video is about a minute long.

I'm thinking about changing up the front page as we go into the season. Make images with Preseason and Regular Season on them to make it easier to differentiate between the two and then an image with the team in the videos for each one. I worded that weird but whatever, I think you guys get what i'm saying.
Okay guys, let me know if the new format is worth keeping.
this is awesome. better than tivo.
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im still not sure why this isnt pinned to the top.

Get on it mods!
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