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Whomeam...can you just put the whole Bills game up without edits so we can watch is asap, lol.
I'm dying to see the total domination!!!! lol

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put the video against the bills NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sheesh guys. Its the day after the game. I DO have a job yknow

If you want to see the full game just look up Arch49er on facebook, he already has it up.
Originally posted by Whomeam:
Sheesh guys. Its the day after the game. I DO have a job yknow

If you want to see the full game just look up Arch49er on facebook, he already has it up.

LOL! You, I think its safe to say you have spoiled us all!
Here is arch49er:

Entire game 1st and 2nd half

Just finished my offense video for the second time. Hope my computer doesn't blue screen on me this time while it's finishing up. It's going to take awhile though, so expect it late tonight.
Thanks in advance, I really really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.
No problemo. This one is a lot longer than the others so enjoy:
Defensive drives up:
Thanks kuz!

Can you post coaches' film of the Giants game? No interest in watching the game for entertainment purposes, but I'm sure a lot of us wanna know what exactly went wrong
Defensive drives are up. They've been up for hours but i've been sick (yet again) and throwing up all day. Kinda forgot about it. Sorry.
I see nobody was clamoring for you to put up film of the Giants game. LOL...
Is the youtube material up on the Seattle game anywhere?
I am back and I bring gifts!!!!

So just a small kinda update. I decided to take a few days off from making the videos and football in general. That second part didn't work out so well but you know how it is. I'm heavily on twitter so that never works out.

Just to make this post bigger let me bore you with all of the great accomplishments I succeeded in gathering up this week!

1. I got the platinum trophy on Infamous 2. One of the top 10 accomplishments of my... Days off.
2. I reread IT by Stephen King. Still a great book, although I always get weirded out by the kids having freaking sex near the end of the book.
3. I made my mac n cheese dish! Just regular Kraft mac n cheese with real shredded cheese and bread crumbs mixed in. So damn good. Always go with the Japanese bread crumbs.
4. I watched a bunch of movies. Some I probably would have been better off not watching. Bulworth, Blast From the Past, the Amazing Spiderman, Private Parts and the Campaign.
5. I had Thai food. Place I go to is getting worse and worse, it's sad.
6. I got over my cold for the most part. Still coughing a lot but other than that I feel great.
7. I traded a LOT of Xbox games in and got over $250 in credit at Game Stop. GREAT SUCCESS.
8. I slept. A lot.
9. It rained.
10. I had a semi-racist joke tweet posted onto a website as advertisement for Popeyes Chicken.

So as you can see, pretty durn eventful! Loved every second of it.

...Anyways haha, here are the videos. Including the coaches film for the Giants game.

OH! One more thing! A couple people from here added me on Facebook and Twitter while I was gone. I'm totally cool with people doing this as long as they understand that I post a lot of things that are meant to be taken as jokes and not to be offended by. I'll probably start posting certain updates on each whenever there are some but mostly it's going to be me just farting around. Like I said, feel free to add me though. My twitter handle is Whomeam and my facebook is

Seattle offense:
Seattle defense:
Giants coaches film:
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