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Need a quick rundown

was at my rehearsal dinner and didn't get to see the game

how did we look-starters backups etc etc?

I know that Aldon got hurt what else good bad?
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Originally posted by jreff22:
was at my rehearsal dinner and didn't get to see the game

how did we look-starters backups etc etc?

I know that Aldon got hurt what else good bad?

read thru the gameday thread.
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jreff is getting married in 12 hrs. hook a brotha up.
Originally posted by boast:
jteff is getting married in 12 hrs. hook a brotha up.

thank you
-Alex looked good with limited passing
-1 team D-fence looked slow and sloppy...Carlos burnt on a 50+ yarder from Ponder
nfl network replay @ 11pm pacific ( half hour) dont know if true though, but thats what my xfinity says
Aldon Smith had what kind of injury???

Didn't break down much but that's a start. Also just watch it on NFLN or stream it in 20 minutes or so if you aren't headed to bed.
alex looked good

moss and manningham got no playing time which suggests were hiding our passing offense

brandon jacobs and hunter looked great jacobs will convert a lot of 3rd and shorts

tolzein looked great he is teh leader for #2 QB without a doubt

collin kaep didnt really improve at all from last year if were talking about passing


cox looked good

1st team secondary looked a bit rusty

thats about it
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here's my cliffs:
run game is BEASTLY.
Kaep is still a project. Making progress, but not there yet.
Tolzien looks like a vet, kinda noodly armed but makes quick decisions. I agree that he should be #2.
Dobbs looked good. should see more time spelling Cowboy. RJF solid as well. Ian Williams too.
Bahktiari making a good case for himself on the 53.
AJ, NaPalm, inconsistent.
KW, not worried about him. He looks faster, not shaky at all on PR.

This coaching staff/FO has been doing a great job.
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Congrats - many happy years!

Running game was on the front burner. Jacobs looked better than last year. Game planning for us will be a nightmare.
ABoone looked very good. I'm a fan and so probably a little partial. BUT he looked solid.
ADavis had 1 false start but otherwise had a solid game. VGood in run blocking.
Miller has made real strides and also played well.
Iupati - WOW!
Alex payed well.
Kap better than last year but still looks weak in passing game and pocket presenace.
JJ - I've never been impresses with him and he did nothing last night to change my opinion.
Tolzein - total keeper. I'm a fan of his BUT he did play against the Viking scraps. We need to see him against better competition to get a clearer picture.

I really want to see more of Dobbs, Tokufu and Culliver. they played well but need to see more.
An important part of this game that hasn't been addressed properly is the color of the pants. We really need to focus on this. Maybe go to gold or white, but I like by boys to look their best.
A rare blown coverage by the first team defense. Receiver got behind C. Rogers when he might have thought he got some safety help. Luckily it was slightly underthrown and Rogers was able to catch up and make the tackle. Some missed tackles but generally the defense look good for their first preseason game of camp.

Offense tested their running game like I thought they would. They look real good in that first drive. Passing look OK. Receivers could do better with several drops from mostly Jenkins and NaPalm.

Dobbs -- looks good on offense and especially defense.

Might have dodged a bullet with only a thigh bruise for Aldon Smith.
I think everybody is on the same page, but a couple things that haven't been mentioned:

This is the deepest team we have had since the late 90's. We have a lot of depth and expect to have our Practice squad poached for a couple of players.

The starting D looked rusty, but there was also a lot of arm tackling going on. I don't think they were laying the wood yet, saving it for the season.

J.Smith didn't play. With out him on the field our D will always look different.

Aldon (before his minor injury) was getting after the QB like last year.

We have a couple of un-drafted rookies that look the part of NFL receivers.
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