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Hey y'all, I will have the privilege - nay, the honor! - of covering San Francisco through the veritable statistical lens provided by Cold Hard Football Facts.

For those of you who have been following CHFF during prior seasons, you'll know that while they have been providing their awesome Quality Stats on all 32 NFL teams, they have not been writing very much team-specific opinion pieces. As the season stumbles onwards, CHFF will generally look at various data and do pieces on our Niners here and there, but nothing consistent. Same with every team, more or less.

Well, this year, they are opening up the gates to make sure there is weekly information out on as many of the 32 teams as possible. I have managed to wiggle my way into covering the San Francisco 49ers for them as a beat writer, which means each week I will be writing opinion pieces based on the indisputable facts of CHFF's Quality Stats. This will include weekly game previews, game reviews, and various other tidbits throughout the season as well - all focusing on our 49ers.

I'm pretty pumped up for this myself, as CHFF does some very interesting stuff with their innovative stat work, but have been unable to produce the volume of opinion-based work that would help their data reach a larger audience. They were one of the first organizations - if not thee first - to hop on the San Francisco bandwagon last year, doing it before we beat Detroit in Week 6. So I can't wait to help analyze San Francisco from Week 1 at Green Bay all the way to our 6th Lombardi!

Consider this, my introduction thread, then. Thanks for having me into your community. I will be updating this opening post with various 49er-related articles all season long - starting now as we approach our first pre-season game.

If you have any questions or comments about any articles that go up, or if you have suggestions or ideas for information you want to see covered, I would love to hear them. It is my hope I can provide high-quality information to you all season long.

Before the season comes up, the stat work is limited. I've still written a couple pieces about the 49ers heading into pre-season, though. As more gets written, I'll keep updating the list. Please feel free to comment on the articles in this thread or at the site itself. Doesn't much matter as I will be checking this forum daily now that I discovered it!

Who's got it better than us!?
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