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Another reason why the 49ers dynasty was the best?

I'll add in winning with class... not every one of those teams did it with class on and off the field. Some people care about that stuff, some don't.
ONLY team to win the Super Bowl @ home!!!

(Hey, Stanford counts )
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Joe Montana

this. You let me a know a QB that gets a better SI cover than the man who knows Super Bowls:
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Originally posted by SofaKing:
16 straight years with 10+ wins

16 playoff appearances in 18 years

Our dynasty features the greatest QB (Montana), WR (Rice), and DB (Lott), ever.

49ers won 5 SB's during their dynasty period, which is more than the other teams won during their dynasty.

+ Head Coach!!

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Since 1980 no team has played in more playoff games than the 49ers. And we had an 8 hear drought. How'd you like them apples.

These should sum it up nicely
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