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5 Under the Radar Questions Heading Into Training Camp

Originally posted by cciowa:
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Who did you ask to get a no answer?
what do you want names? i can not remember. I think in the thread about 7,2 wins there were a few talking about how , in thier opinion, the defense will come back down to earth , teams will find a weakness in our defense. teams have all year to study film. things like that. i then ask them why do you think we will come back to earth? why do you not think we can continue to be strong for years? i usually get no response. You have probably seen some of those statements where people say" there is no way our defense will play at that level again"... aside from key injuries i see no reason why we can not maintain that level of play

That was a history making Defense we had? was a SB winning defense we had. ..You know all the stats we recorded on D so I'm not gong to go over it.

but i think it will be easy not to duplicate last season not through injury but just how the NFL is..this doesn't mean we still can't be dominate..even the Ravens couldn't duplicate their 2001 season...

shoot If we had an offense last year.. man we could of been the number one team in NFL history

We can play 75% as good as we did last year and dominate...but this time i think the Defense is going to need help from the Offense and keep the opposing teams offense one dimensional.

if they do play the same as last year or maybe even it will be a fun year !!

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our offense wasnt very good last year and our defense was scary. this year with a rested defense due to more offensive production we should be pretty awesome. i dont think all those picks were just luck. the niners just practice jumping routes and ball stripping and stuff like that more than most teams, theyre just well coached. sure tacklers and they use proper technique. they may not have all the turnovers they had last year but theyre gonna be close
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