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How good is Ahmad Brooks?

Originally posted by LoneWolf:
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:

Let this one roll out for a little bit I actually would like to hear other fans stance on this, just keep an eye on it

I'll be sure to make sure it's ok with you before I do anything.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
I'll be sure to make sure it's ok with you before I do anything.

didn't mean to sound that way but sounds like a plan.

ohh the offseason
It seemed like to me Brooks was the only one in the playoffs and Super Bowl to get sacks..
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Yeah, he is terrible.

The idiot was only a second team All Pro.

Got to get rid of all players who are not first team All Pros.
Wut... They just gave him an extension because of his consistent play. This is a failure of the armchair GM to recognized what is required of Brooks at his position.

hope this doesnt spawn a whole bunch of.....(insert valuable player here) needs to be replaced ASAP threads
2nd team ALL-PRO 2012
Justin Smith needs to be replaced. Dude didn't do s**t in the playoff or SB. NOA!!!

ahmad brooks kicks ass in madden13, aldon doesn't do s**t
gottA love fans who kno nothing about football