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Vegas has the niners winning 10 games

you gotta factor in that the division didnt really get that much better outside of us, therefore thats 6 wins right there, then miami, jets, vikings , a butchered saints team, thats 10 wins, we will not lose every game of the elites.. giants , packers, pats and detroit. at worse 2-2 . so thats 12 wins. thats also a first round bye. most likely also a home championship game.
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Eh, the Seahawks and Cards had some pretty competitive games with us, and stepped it up a notch in the second half.
19-0 put down 3gz on the books last night!
Regression toward the mean says...well, that we regress closer toward the league mean of 8 wins. Harbaugh, however, ever so eloquently says "f**k stats". 12 wins baby! Put me down for over! This guy is a freak. If he can somehow get 14 total wins out of a roster than only won 6 games the year before, I've got to believe he can capture lightning in a bottle two years in a row and field consecutive 12 win teams (if he does it, he'll be the first since Mooch's first two seasons).
Originally posted by 5NorCalSavage2:
19-0 put down 3gz on the books last night!

I say we win 11 games in the regular season and 3 in the postseason.
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