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EdEs Highlights: Update 08/12/2012 Pre Season 2012 Week 1 49ers Replay vs Vikings

EdEs Highlights: Update 08/12/2012 Pre Season 2012 Week 1 49ers Replay vs Vikings

Justin Smith is a scary beast even with cheesy music. Glad he is on the niners
Nice job on the Smith video.
nice! check my new michael crabtree and kendall hunter highlights. dont forget guys to tell me how i did. Im a rookie at making highlights but im a veteran niner fan believe or not. thanks guys! crabtree and hunter
I'm not a fan of the music.
Awesome work again dude
Man, I never realized just how many good runs Alex had this year. Another great video!
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[ Edited by Garcia on Jun 22, 2012 at 7:31 PM ]
This year we will infest teams with crabgrass and moss and give them a shot of vd. Gore them with Iupati and tenderize them with our defense.
Nice job man, absolutely love the classic NFL music. I didn't realize just how many plays Alex made last year, and I am one of his biggest advocates. Can't wait to see the Goldson highlights to see if he is as good as his contract demands.
Originally posted by Garcia:

Wow, Alex was very good at throwing on the run, improvising when s**t went down, throwing while running away from pass rushers, running for first downs, running for crucial yards.

The dude flat out made plays throughout the entire season. For what he was asked to do, he delivered. Now, if his responsibility and role changes and grows this year which it likely will, I believe he will rise to the occasion and perform exceptionally well.
That Alex Smith video is some inspirational s**t, keep up the good work bro!

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Love the epic music.
Great job, keep it up!
Man I still don't get the corn dog thing, I must have missed something.
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