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Better Rivals: Do QB Wins matter?

Its really simple. You will always get the whole picture from both viewable performance with perspective....AND....stats both individual and team.

I don't understand the whole stats vs viewable performance debate, never did....its about using both.

However, there are hundreds of stats available, and some are definitely more important than others. The problem is, no matter how genuine a person is being when relaying how they rank and value each particular stat...they will always be accused of just cherry picking the stats that support their conclusion.

Personally, I have always ranked team records as a very unimportant stat when evaluating a QB. I never used it against Alex Smith when the team was losing nor used it to support Alex Smith when the team wins.
As much as we love individual players, it's a team sport. that's what it all boils down to.
When their is only one player on the field that handles the ball on every offensive play and always accounts for more offensive yards than any other player even on his worst day then yes wins are all that matter.
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