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Is Frank Gore Still Going to be Frank Gore?

The odds are against Frank. Running backs with that much wear and tear fall off the cliff in their late 20's. Baalke and Coach Harbaugh have positioned the team well in the running back department. If the ball can be shared and Frank is fresh for the 4th quarter the team will be very tough to beat.
Frank will continue to do his thing. With more offensive weapons on the outside, I expect our running game to improve. Frank needs to stay healthy and fresh. Gore is a lead by example type of guy and I think he's in the mindset of: If you're gonna take carries away from me you've gotta earn it. His work ethic will hopefully make the younger guys work harder. In 2-3 years(maybe 2) Hunter and James can add some bulk and become every down backs.
No he is moving the france and wish to be known as the symbol $ pronounced "Fuseau de Frank" He wasn't himself last year, so unless he invented a time machine...I don't know, stranger things have happened, but with him sharing the load...not likely.
As far as I'm concerned Frank Gore hasn't been Frank Gore since the 2007 season. He'll be the same inconsistent guy who gets nicked up deep into the season that he has been since then. Maybe this year he'll get hit with a big time injury that keeps him out for more than half the season which would probably end his career with the 49ers. Barring that I pretty much expect more of the same.
No he will not continue to be Frank Gore, he's going to change his name to Frank Gire
Like a pokemon, Frank Gore is going to evolve into Fronk Gire
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Even if Fronk Gare
pretty interesting that he decided to come out west early this year for the OTA's instead of working out in Miami. Wonder if he's feeling the heat?
Originally posted by susweel:
The old dog is in for a rude awakening.

No Doubt.
Originally posted by d49izme:
pretty interesting that he decided to come out west early this year for the OTA's instead of working out in Miami. Wonder if he's feeling the heat?

There were 400,000 reasons for him to be at the ota's in his contract.

Hes still gonna run.

Its the balancing act that the coaches employ that will be the focus. All these RBs can run and can take it to the house, its the consecutive plays they are on for vs resting. A player like Frank and Jacobs like to stay on and take a few snaps to warm up before making some impact which could leave a rookie like LMJ coming in cold on a 3rd and short. On the other hand you have a rookie play a few snaps and the other 2 RBs loose that feel of the game.
I personally think the era of "Bell cow" backs who get 30 carries a game to warm up is over, Franks success was part of this teams failure. His greatness caused lesser coaches to lean on him in a era where you need to be dynamic, relying on Frank made us plodding. He would have been a star in the 1970's, in the 21st century...he needs to learn to share.
Yes nad No.

He'll get a reduced workload, sharing mmore caries.

BUT will be much more fresh going into thhe playoffs.
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Who knows, probably not. Frank is 29, the magic age when father time quickly starts catching up to NFL running backs. Frank has a lot of hard miles from facing 8 men in the box frequently, on top of his age.
Frank Gore is still one of the hardest working players on the team. Obviously with other serviceable running backs on the depth chart now, playing time will go down a little bit, but you can definitely bet that he'll still be the featured back.
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