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Conspiracy Theory ?

Originally posted by Sjceruti:
If I recall...didn't Trent Baalke write down AJ Jenkins name on a card the night before the draft as the guy they wanted at 30? If so this completely debunks your theory...

Baalke knew.... Or he had 3 envelopes....

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The seacocks coach Carrol HATES Harbaugh. His only pathetic goal in life is to finally beat Harbaugh. He doesn't want a superbowl he only wants to beat Jim just one time and not be embarrassed in front of everybody. If he wins one game in the next 3 years against Jim he will die a happy man. That is where we stand. He sees 49ers and Stanford succeeding and his pee brain can only attempt to replicate his feats not come up with ideas of his own. Pathetic. He is a turd and hopefully Harbaugh sweeps his ass every year to come.
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