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Which Ninners has teh best collige hilite reelz?

I was watching some old Ted Ginn videos on YouTube and damn that dude was badass in college. I thought a close second would be LMJ until I saw videos of Slowey bench pressing. Wowzers!
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Dixon has some amazing videos of him smoking blunts laced with embalming fluid and banging ugly fat hoes.
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Body slammin LSU RBs FTW!
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We have some amazing college players on this team. Crabtree, Willis, Ahmad Brooks, Randy Moss, Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis were all incredibly dominant during their careers.
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Rashaun Woods
LaMichael James was fun to watch. I've watched a lot of him as an Oregon fan and Oregonian. I remember that Texas tech over Texas game that Crabtree grabbed that end TD like it was yesterday. And for some reason I always liked that brutal stiff arm Michael Robinson laid as the quarterback on that linebacker while at Penn state.
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This, although I still got to figure out what "collige" is exactly.....
Ted Ginn by far. 6 and a half minutes of blistering speed (And none of the highlights are replayed twice:

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Let's go Ninners! bum-bum-bumbumbum...
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different view

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