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Tony Jerrod Eddie

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Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Sack artist

Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Dude got one ball out the cup......amazing.....I wonder how much backflips this guy can do?

We only drafted Golden Hat guys. Thats why we signed Jerod-Eddie as a FA, because he is a Golden Cup player.

I don't see what is such a big deal? All these guys are experts at "Ball-fu," they just usually aren't stupid enough to do it when everyone can see. You gotta wait till the pile is bigger and more established first.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Anthony Davis does not approve.....

LOL, can't wait for the inevitable fight to break out.
I think it's pretty clear he had possession of the ball on this one
Originally posted by Ether:
How does this guy have 3 first names?

One for each ball. Wait...
Originally posted by Baugh_Area:
I think it's pretty clear he had possession of the ball on this one

I thought his name sounded familiar

And in slow mo....

All jokes aside though I hope he makes it one way or another it would help fill a future need for cheap and leave options open for other moves
Sounds like he is playing well in drills so far, we will see how he does in the pre-season.

Practice squad if he's lucky.
Practice Sqauder, with chance next season, if Sopoaga or/and RJF are gone. Maybe a late season add if a injury happens, hopefully not.
Send him to the opposing team's showers.
I thought this thread seemed familiar ..

even if it is hilarious...
Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows Defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie being called up to #49ers 53-man roster. here's why ... ;…
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