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Bold Camp Battle Predictions

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My bold prediction is that Hunter replaces Gore by mid season.
Originally posted by mayo49:
My bold prediction is that Hunter replaces Gore by mid season.

My bold prediction is that Rogers and Whitner both have bounce back years
My prediction is Ian Williams eventually starts at NT and Dorsey becomes more of a flex guy.
1. Coach H either calls plays or is way more influential in play calls this yr.
2. Inside the 9 yd line, with time running out, Coach H has 9 different plays to call, all good bets, and has them on the tip of his tongue.
3. Roman is marginalized this yr, and Mangini has more influence. Coach H has most influence, AND they frigging BETTER get plays in on time. I cannot conceive we have that problem this yr. Coach Harbaugh is just to good of a coach to let that happen again.
4. Both Vernon and LMJ wind up at WR this yr, part time. LMj is a designated backfield receiver, on 3rd down.
5.Anquan gives lessons to the tough teams we face on 3rd down on the perfect way to catch the ball at the sidelines on the 1st down marker
6. Three (3) new WRs come into their own( no, I don't know who, but patton, lockette, hall, AJ, are good bets)
7. Front 7 is , unbelievably, better than last yr. Also, with Reid and x,y and z, our DBs are a ton better.(no names there either...but one may not be in camp, not woodson.)
8. Offensive line is better than last yr. Wow!. and, both OL and DL have more depth, thank goodness.
9. RBs are all fantastic. Eeenie, meenie, miney, mo? Who will be the one to go and go?
10.As good as Reid is...he ends being even better. Dashon who?
11. PK excellence returns.
12 Punting excellence same as last yr
13. STs are no longer like STDs(sexually transmitted diseases). These guys don't have narcolepsy and remind of STs 2 yrs ago.
14. Jeez, Coach of the yr, and GM of the yr in one season. I truly believe we haven't see the best of Coach H yet. His clothing fashion remains awesome. Note how some khakis are slightly less tan than others, and watch for black sweatshirts to have different shades of black. Black hats equally different shades of black. Same logo.
15. Kap's great half yr is completely eclipsed by this yr. He slips into the top 5 Qbs before yrs end.

Add it all up? SB win #6, but nobody gives it to us. Peyton thinks its his, Matt Ryan thinks its his, Eli thinks its his, and Brady is hacked off that his receivers are a)traded, b) in hospital for recurring surgeries and c) in jail...permanently. SEA thinks SB is theirs, but Pleasant Pete, soul of USC and same guy who got them sanctioned, will be at it again. Once again, he loses, but comes off as a horse's patoot in doing so. In all a great yr in the annals of 49er football.
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