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Goodbye Crabs.

the irrational hate for crabtree is ri-goddamn-diculous, put the pipe down and back away from the keyboard. we aren't cutting our best wide, receiver certainly not because of a holdout that happened 4 years ago. Get over it, the sorpranos is over get a new show.
Originally posted by sspiker:
We just drafted Cameron Johnson... say bye to Aldon Smith.

nah they cut williams joe hastins john matthews and brett swain
Kyle Williams will be cut b4 we EVER cut Crabtree why dont u go write another book or something stevenking
I said goodbye to Crabs when I bought the shampoo.
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
I said goodbye to Crabs when I bought the shampoo.


Not even a chance of this happening.
Goodbye Kyle Williams.

Dude we're not cutting the best WR we've had in 9 years
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Seems rational to me.


I thought this was a joke and the OP had like 43 posts or something. I know post count doesn't mean much, but 99 percent of the time a thread like this comes from a new kid or Nickbradley.
Brilliant insight!
Originally posted by stevenking57:
It seems to me that Crabtree may be cut this year. We now have Moss, Manningham, Jenkins, and Owusu. We never have more than three W.R's on the field at one time.I don't think that he's in the top three as a receiver for us anymore. Crabs is slow and doesn't get separation from D.B's. He also has poor yardage after the catch. With his large contract and lack of production I don't see how we can keep him. He doesn't even have special team value. After three years of waiting for him to have a break out season, the 49er's need to move on.
Three years is nothing, they gave #11 a seventh season to breakout. all kidding aside Crabtree better have a monster year or I agree, cut him
He'll never get cut.

They'll trade him way before that. Even if we got a 5th rounder - it would be better than getting nothing.

I feel this is a make or break year for him to justify his salary.
Originally posted by iknoejohnyork:
if crabs is sooo good why i his overall in madden so low? crabs pretty much sucks in madden
not sure if serious
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