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Goodbye Crabs.

It seems to me that Crabtree may be cut this year. We now have Moss, Manningham, Jenkins, and Owusu. We never have more than three W.R's on the field at one time.I don't think that he's in the top three as a receiver for us anymore. Crabs is slow and doesn't get separation from D.B's. He also has poor yardage after the catch. With his large contract and lack of production I don't see how we can keep him. He doesn't even have special team value. After three years of waiting for him to have a break out season, the 49er's need to move on.
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i am more than ok to give him a full off season, hopefully healthy, knowing that the niners made many moves to improve this area.If he wants to be a player he will work hard, if he sets around and plays checkers , the coaches will know what to do. I think if they were planning to move him, they would have done so this weekend
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You're 3 years early. He'll be a cowboy as soon as he becomes a FA.
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crabs has a 6 yr contract he ain't going anywhere, and he's a hell of a receiver

Doubt it.
Originally posted by 228niner:
crabs has a 6 yr contract he ain't going anywhere, and he's a hell of a receiver

Yeah, Crabs would get cut and Owusu would make the team. Great logic there buddy... Crabs is a good receiver.... whether people like it or not. If anyone might be cut, it's unfortunately going to be Kyle. and then possibly Owusu.
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lolz. the offseason gets another one.
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