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Darius Fleming is a 49er

Don't think he makes it
really rooting for this guy to come on strong in TC and Preaseason. Loved him in college
Darius Fleming was just waived.
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I feel bad for him, poor dude. Really bad luck.
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2 ACLs in a row. Sigh... What can you say ? I feel bad for the kid.
Damn, I really feel for the guy..I thought he really had a good chance to make our team this year. Just some bad luck..hopefully he comes back from this.
Yea knee collector got him. Tough break.
NVM, got confused between Fleming and Johnson.

Nevertheless, feel sorry for the guy.
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Fleming has been released, per Barrows
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was never gonna work out
Sucks this guy got injured and never got a chance.
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Fleming and Dax Swanson waived. I wanted to see both in Preseason, that sucks.
oh man I used to still use his 84 speed in Madden for depth.....

but seriously, I remember last year how he was excited to finally prove himself. f**king Football man.
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