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With the addition of LMJ, will Ted Ginn get cut?

With the addition of LMJ, will Ted Ginn get cut?

Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
I don't think Ginn's roster spot is in jeopardy.

Likely Locks IMO

(3) TE: Davis, Walker, Byham
(5) WR: Crab, Manningham, Moss, Jenkins, Ginn
(8) OL: Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Kilgore, Davis, Boone, Person, Rookie or FA
(3) QB: Smith, Kaep, Johnson or Tolz
(5) RB: Gore, Miller, Hunter, James, Jacobs

That's 24 roster spots. If we split the remaining roster evenly taking away three for Lee, Akers and Jennings, that leaves one offensive roster spot for Williams, Dixon, Cartright or a ninth o-lineman to fight over . . . unless we carry 26 offensive players, which is possible. A lot can change between now and July, but Ginn is safe.

Five star post.

Right on the money. Just like with Moss, I'm not even convinced Jacobs will make the final 53 due to how expendable his contract is. He'll most likely make it, but if he didn't, would not be a surprise at all.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
LaMichael James is a superstar returner, Perrish Cox can return, and AJ Jenkins is capable as well. With that being the case, why should Ginn make the ream? He's a pure special teams player at this point, while the others can play offense.

Ly own prediction is that Ginn is cut AMD LaMichael James is the 6th WR/4th RB. James, Williams, and Jenkins all fight for playing time, with Jenkins and Williams alternating as an active top 46 player. This is all assuming Moss makes the team.

i could swear I remember Kiper saying that this was LMJ's 1st yr returning kicks
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