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LaMichael James was a Niner (CUT!)

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Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
I posted (and was later proven wrong) that we would be using LMJ like a Sproles or the original Reggie, a bailout pass to LMJ in the backfield, and then let the Ds see if they can catch him. My guess is he is as good as sproles and better than Reggie Bush with a pass in the backfield. Combine that with Vernon and Vance, plus Anquan and AJ/Lockette/ Patton, and we could have a killer receiving team, way better than last yr. Time will tell, but I once again look forward to seeing LMJ on the end of a bunch of those backfield passes , exactly like I predicted last yr. I am hoping my reasoning was correct, but just off 1 yr.

I see this and I'm hoping mightily for it. It could be the next wrinkle Roman sets up. One thing we haven't done is run a lot of screens. Roman can do some nice things with LMJ outta the backfield thus making him our Harvin. I think this is the best way to make up for Crabtree's lost YAC as well.
I smell lots of explosive plays from this guy and AJ this year. Especially with what our OL can do
Originally posted by nickbradley:
With an extra 10 pounds on his frame and an off-season to learn the playbook, I really think that LaMichael James is going to have a breakout season. Hunter is highly unlikely to be 100%, so LMJ will get most opportunities to spell Gore.

Big things...I can feel it. Anyone else?

how could he be a break out player when hunter will be ahead of him in the depth chart?

gire, hunter, james?

unless james contribute to ST, then he's not going to break out. Let me tell you a player who's ready to break out--Trenton Robinson or cj spillman at FS
Just drafted him in the second round of my fantasy draft. Right after I got Gore third overall!!

I kid. Hes got some talent for sure though.
James came within inches of breaking long ones a few times last season. He's extremely shifty and super quick. I think he'll be integrated into the offense to a greater degree this year and I expect him to break a couple KO returns as well. I only saw one game last season in person and I was shocked at his quickness - it's freakish.
It will be interesting to see if all that speed we drafted pays dividends. I wanna see LMJ carve out a Sproles-like niche in this offense so that he can be in at the sametime as the workhorses Gore/Hunter are in the backfield.
break out year for my cock.....
I'm kul as long as he dont fombol th ball
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
How come a tiny guy like LaMichael can add 10 lbs. of muscle and AJ Jenkins can only add 4?....

Them genes hes got ant doing him any justice!

Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
know what would be cool ? to see LMJ as a slot receiver in a 3 wideout set , with Gore and Hunter in the backfield

Harbs and Roman are known for throwing some exotic formations on the field , maybe we will see something with our top 3 backs on the field together

Fly sweep FTW!!!

Part of LMJ success will depend on Kap. I think that if Kap gets going in the Pistol and offense overall, LMJ is going to cut through the D like butter while Kap slashes them. Put Gore back in for a ground and pound and then cut them again with a LMJ play.

I just got hard.

Originally posted by 5280High:

Great block by Delanie at .59
Put me down with NeeJ as LMJ becoming the sproles/early reggie bush of the 49ers.

Drustopo, "the 49er Offense does not throw to backs" . History says you are correct, but just watch this yr. LMJ is going to become a common target for Kap, whether lateral , shovel pass, or backfield pass. THEN , let's see if the D can tackle him. When we drafted LMJ I my jaw dropped. I instantly saw him becoming to us what sproles was to SD and reggie bush was to Saints. Then last yr came and went and it was obvious that I was wrong. Sure he ran between tackles at Oregon, but his real place is in backfield as a outlet receiver or a designated receiver. Also I see him in the slot at times this yr.

No knock on roman, doing his first two yr stint as chief OC in NFL. But he does lack imagination at times, (last four plays of SB, the SEA wipeout in the rain and mud, etc). Remember, we got mangini here , a D specialist, to help out roman...which was a clever move. Mangini will help roman see the huge advantage of using LMJ like sproles, and letting Hunter and frank do lion's share of running between tackles. Hey, LMJ can do it but why would you want him running into guys who outweigh him by 100 lbs, when he can slice and dice after a quick shovel pass or lateral? I was wrong last yr, but this yr, Coach H with Mangini and Roman are going to lite defenses up with LMJ. So, yup, Drustopo, there is no recent hx for throwing to backs, but the coaching staff realizes its multiple advantages this yr.
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As much as I love summertime - I can't wait for the season to get started.

IMO, How LMJ is used will be very interesting to watch especially w/our WR situation.
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I like Gore, Hunter, and James, and I think Hampton could surprise. Dixon's true value seems to be on special teams.

I hope each one of these guys the best of luck.
I still say this is the year we start to see Roman calling some screens. They'll all be coming hard for Kap. The timing is perfect. I can just imagine James with a couple of linemen in front of him and only a linebacker and a safety to beat. 25 yards - boom!
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