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Detriot Lions vs 49ers Movie Trailer!!

Originally posted by SportsFan:
It did. That first shot of him with that "I just sucked a dick" look on his face.

And boy did he ever...
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That made me all giggly inside
They showed 2 shots of Schwartz trash talking towards the Niners' sideline. One of them being the timeout penalty. The media doesn't really show that when they talked about the incident at the time. All they really showed was the handshake itself. Which put Schwartz on a better light then Harbaugh. This NFL trailer actually put Schwartz on a more hypocritical ground.

I want Harbaugh to take Anthony Davis with him to the handshake next year. Davis with his stupid grin over the shoulder of Harbaugh at Schwartz.
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I'm going to do everything I can to get to that game, its going to be so damn epic.
outside of their crap dome I bet it wont even be close... I say they get destroyed something like 31-7
cool video.
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lol 'The Throwdown in Motown'
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