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2012 Record Prediction

11-5 and win the NFC West again. Not an easy schedule with Packers, Saints, Jets, and Pats on the road.
10-6. Maybe 11-5. Schedule is tougher than last year, but we still win the NFC West and advance to NFC title game again.
It's too early yet. Every year you guys get antsy and want to predict our record way too early.

I say wait until training camp starts. At least then we will know who is on the roster.

Patience, grasshoppers.
12-4 and a bye
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
11-5 and win the NFC West again. Not an easy schedule with Packers, Saints, Jets, and Pats on the road.

I like 12-4. Clearly in the playoffs.
11-5 or 12-4
I'm going

Sun 9/9 @ Packers-1:15p - FOX- Toss Up - Could be a judgement of what we will be, even if we lose, and we show up and close game, we should have a good season

Sun 9/16 Lions-5:20p - NBC- W - We beat Detroit on SNF and at home

Sun 9/23 @ Vikings-10:00a - FOX - W - Vikings have little talent, their defense is over the hill and have crappy secondary

Sun 9/30 @ Jets-10:00a - FOX - W - Tebow or Sanchez won't stay upright in this game

Sun 10/7 Bills-1:15p - CBS - W - Gonna say W, defense will be good, but their offense sucks

Sun 10/14 Giants-1:15p - FOX- W - I say W, we get revenge on them, with Ginn as returner

Thu 10/18 Seahawks-5:20p - NFLN - W - Beat them on Thursday night, short week, but home previous week, so no travel issues, and Seattle isn't much of a test IMO

Mon 10/29 @ Cardinals-5:30p - ESPN- W - Beat them on MNF, we always show up on MNF against Cards

BYE - Week 9

Sun 11/11 Rams-1:15p - FOX - W - Could be trap game after a bye week, but I feel we have a better offense and defense, more worried for game in STL

Mon 11/19 Bears-5:30p - ESPN- W - I say W, home game, but they now have a legit WR, but not afraid of their offense and defense

Sun 11/25 @ Saints-1:15p - FOX - Toss Up - Playing in NO is tough, so unsure of this game

Sun 12/2 @ Rams-10:00a - FOX - L - Gonna say L, just cause it's a trap game

Sun 12/9 Dolphins-1:05p - FOX - W - Win, Miami has crap at all positions IMO

Sun 12/16 @ Patriots-5:20p - NBC - L - Tough game in NE and in december

Sun 12/23 @ Seahawks-1:15p - FOX - W - Seattle gets swept IMO

Sun 12/30 Cardinals-1:15p - FOX - W - Could be a game where we rest starters, but still say W at home

So I say of the 2 unsures, I say we beat NO, and go 13-3 again.

Also being a NY local guy these games are local for me(includes MNF, SNF and NFL N game, have DirecTV and NFL Ticket)

MNF- Bears and Cards
SNF- Lions and Pats(Could be moved to Sunday day game, but still could be on local)
TNF- Seahawks


Week1- @ Packers
Week 4- @ Jets
Week 6- vs Giants

plus other possible games

Week5- vs Buffalo
Week12- @ NO (4PM ET game, so likely doubleheader game)

So I look at this, for sure, as long as NE/SF stays on SNF, its 8/16, add in those extra 2, it's 10/16, leaving 6 games on NFL Ticket. But I gotta see all games, so it's worth it to me to keep my Ticket, and watch all games anyway. I enjoy RedZone channel, plus will have two tv's downstairs to watch two different games/channels.

What's wit all the worries about GB & NE on the road, the GIANTS beat both teams on the road last year if I'm correct. Isn't NE the same team almost everyone on the zone swore up & down we would beat in the SB if we would've got the chance but now we can't in the regular season, what? As far as NO goes, I've heard they've got some home game winning streak. Their winning streak reminds me of an ol sayin "all good things must come to an end", & we have the D/team to do it. After that everyone else is average to slightly above average. Realistically 13-3 or 14-2 but me personally 15-1 or the ONLY other record better than that! I see us as last years SLACKERS jus without all the blowouts, jus grind it out wins(jus like last year). I guess you can say I'm over confident in our teams abilities. Go niners in 2012, all the way to the SB. Finally get tide wit the steelers for SB wins
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- 98
6-2 at the bye. 5-3 after. 11-5
12-4. I'm only worried about three games. Which are the road games vs Green Bay/New Orleans/New England.
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