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2012 Record Prediction

wait for the PYMWYMI thread after the Draft!
12-4 2nd seed berth
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Is this like preseason for the PYMWYMI?

I'm going with 12-4.
Originally posted by zillabeast:
Week 1 @Green Bay - BIG Statement WIN. Put the league on notice against a Packer team suddenly second guessing themselves after epic fail last year. (W)

Week 2 vs. DET - Sunday Night Massacre. The Lions always get spanked in San Francisco, and will again here in the home opener. (W)

Week 3 @MIN - Gore and Hunter go wild. Defense does their thing. Expect a slow burn kill similar to the CIN/CLE/WSH games last year. (W)

Week 4 @NYJ - See Week 3 (W)

Week 5 vs. BUF - This one will be edgy. Bills will be .500 at best, and the Niners riding high on a 4 game win streak. Bills knock a little sense back into us. Might be a shootout. I'll give the edge to Akers in the clinch. (W)

Week 6 vs. NYG - We beat them the same way we beat them last November. Regular season Giants not so scary. Question remains, can we beat them in January if we meet again? (W)

Week 7 vs. SEA - Seahawks in turmoil after the Flynn experiment fails. It's back to Tavaris on TNF who lights a spark, but ultimately snatches defeat from the jaws of victory as usual. Closer than you'd think. (W)

Week 8 @ARI - Trap game. Monday Night. Tard dome will be fired up. I can see them catching us asleep again. (L)

Week 9 vs. Bye - Harbaugh yells at everyone. Plans to unleash frustrations on next team.

Week 10 vs. STL - Frustrations unleashed. (W)

Week 11 vs. CHI - This one will pan out like the Steelers MNF last year. Hard and physical. In the end we make the big plays, and Cutler keeps eating grass. (W)

Week 12 @NO - This is the one Harbaugh and Roman have been secretly game planning since the end of the last encounter. They know they will need some fireworks to pull this off. Smith (who really does throw a decent deep ball) finally has a deep threat in Moss capable of running and catching. Opening drive bomb TD sets the tone. Think SF@DAL in 1995. Remember that? Grbac to Jerry? Yep. It's all downhill for Vitt's vaginas from there. (W)

Week 13 @STL - Harbaugh takes this opportunity to run all the plays they missed in the NO game. Might see some goofy maneuvers being practiced for the playoffs, but it's all good because the Rams offense can barely cross the 50. (W)

Week 14 vs. MIA - Trap game. Guys are a little tired from the road trip. They wake up in the 4th quarter and take care of business. Comeback win. Think CIN@SF, 1996. (W)

Week 15 @NE - Pats get their big win on national tv. That's fine. Whatever. We know they can't win on the road so no biggie. (L)

Week 16 @SEA - Demoralized Seahawks team at the end of a setback year gets slaughtered in front of their idiot fans. Carroll might be gone by this point. Flynn will be on IR with something stupid. Tavaris does what he does best. (W)

Week 17 vs. ARI - Tards hoping to play spoiler to the 49ers' playoff positioning, but its a futile effort. A 1st half full of fireworks ends it early. Starters rest 2nd half. (W)

14-2, all the way to New Orleans. Ring number six. No 4th quarter dramatics in this playoff run. Dominance to the end. Just like it used to be. The world is right once again.

11-5 seems quite reasonable...given every team improves in the offseason. Also, there is more tape of the 49ers new offense/defense, so folks will be that much more alert. There is something about Harbaugh...always seems to find a way to win.

14 and 2 with losses to the jets and one of are div. Games
Originally posted by defenderDX:

If Randy Moss can play like he did with NE, this team is capable of that especially with this defense. Just give us 1 good year Randy
Originally posted by defenderDX:

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