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Which is the better hit?

Which is the better hit?

Whitner's hit meant more because that one hit alone set the tone for the entire game. It was more meaningful in the sense we were showing just how physical we were as a defense. And how "you just got a wake up call."
Whitner's hit came in a bigger game. Playoffs? Fogettaboutit. I love me some Goldson, so that bone-jarring hit against the Bucs are a close second. Knocking the ball loose only helps. But I also enjoyed Willis' hit against Brad Smith, simply because #16 had to compose himself shortly after. I bet his insides were bleeding and he probably threw up in the locker room at some point. So yeah:

1) Whitner
2) Goldson
3) Willis

All great hits. Made me sound like Ric Flair when I saw them, "Wooooo!!!"

Pierre Thomas was knocked out before he hit the ground!

Originally posted by TlSSER:

Who was the qb on that one.... ?

JTO! Little late throwing that one.
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Looks like J.T. O'Sullivan
Whitner...He was by himself, no support, and was on the 1 yard line to stop a TD. Willis and Goldson hits were sweet, but they had support and/or players helping in the tackle. BOOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the sound the crowd makes on the Goldson hit

But Whitner's hit was one of the best I've ever seen. On the goal line, fumble and first drive in the playoffs for 9 years. Simply awesome.
That guy Whitner hit was out cold before he hit the ground. And dont worry about the bounty thing man a good hit is a good hit.
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I'd have to go with Whitners due to the pedigree of the game.

I like the Whitney hit because it was more "even" - safety on a RB - and it was at the goal line causing a fumble.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Originally posted by TlSSER:

Who was the qb on that one.... ?

JTO! Little late throwing that one.

always good to see JT O'SmellingSalts
Voted for Patrick's hit. Love that play. Brad Smith looked like he got broken by Patrick, then popped up like nothing happened, then realized "yeah I did get broken by Patrick Willis" and dropped back down.
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Originally posted by TlSSER:

JTO knew he got em killed lols
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