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Do you belive if Justin smith sucks next year, our Defense won't be top 5?

What do you guys think? He is going to be 33 this year!!
I hate the off season
Originally posted by thechamber52:
I hate the off season

Same here
It's a serious question! The dude is the heart and soul of our D. Besides P willy
Originally posted by thechamber52:
I hate the off season

serious candidate for DPOY to possibilty of sucking the very next year

im going with no drop off in play by the cowboy

do you believe if all our players suck, we will suck?
If Alex Smith throws 235265 interceptions, will we win a game this year?
I have problems believing that even in an off year Smith will suck enough to do severe damage to the D.
did u seriously ask this? justin smith will not suck...if anything he will see a decrease in his game but even that will keep our defense strong (i think he will have a great season tho ). If he gets hurt then we would slide Soap to Justin's spot and put Ricky Jean at NT with Williams as a backup.We will probably pick up another DLman too, to add depth

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