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Nickname for Manningham?

We should nickname him Billy because he runs routes like Billy's path home in the Family Circus cartoons

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What is this Middle School, why does he need a nickname?
I GOT IT! How about Mario Manningham? Why does everyone have to have a nickname? That's just silly.
Mario "I wish we signed Peyton" Manningham
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mann hams lolnick names
Stop it with the nickname garbage.
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Originally posted by NickSh49:
Stop it with the nickname garbage.

Yes, please stop.
nickname for manningham-world champion.
Couldn't get Peyton Manning(ham)

Hammy or hambone
Originally posted by LoneWolf:
You don't just hand out nicknames, the player has to earn them usually for a specific contribution or play on the team.

Exactly. A nickname should be given according to what a guy does. For instance, Aldon Smith is usually called All-Done or 99 Problems because he ends offensive drives and is a huge problem for QBs and linemen. You can't just give a guy a nickname because he doesn't have one yet.
Mario "el maladrin" manningham
M&M or just Manningham.... Why start nicknames if he hasn't done anything reputable in a niner uniform?
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