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Nickname for Manningham?

I googled it, and he technically doesn't have one.

Any ideas???

Manny sounds decent, but that's taken, and he plays in the Bay Area now...
Minny Minninghim
can't give him a nickname before he suits up and does anything. We'll give him a nickname after his 1st real contribution to the team.
I like Mario Manningham 49ers WR
The Sherrif of Manningham
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I still like

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Originally posted by paperplanemedia:

Can you photoshop that into a 49er uni?
wario manningham
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is it just me or does anyone else just "like" writing out the name Randy Moss. especially now hes on our team
You don't just hand out nicknames, the player has to earn them usually for a specific contribution or play on the team.
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