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Alex, Colin, and Scott: The Future of the QB Position

We have 3 QBs under contract. This replaces the prior thread re: Manning/Tebow/Smith/etc.

Go nuts.
sign josh johnson and have him compete with the backups
alex needs to forgive the niners for trying to get manning, the same way the fans forgave smith for playing bad for 5 years.
wasnt it donjulios goal to merge every single thread in NT

I feel we've made a couple steps toward that goal
Rather see Josh than Scott going into the opener.
Originally posted by schmons:
sign josh johnson and have him compete with the backups


Missed locking these two threads mods:

Thanks... glad all this is over and the webzone can get back to semi normal
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Originally posted by StOnEy333:

Wow, Alex sure turns you on Tisser! - Yech
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it took a long time to get to this place which was unnecessary. but whatever alex is back, he gives us our best chance to win and the niners think that to, otherwise they would have let him go. even non alex supporters can not defend that one. and if they do bring josh johnson in i think that speaks more for the fact that the niners are not happy with the two kids as backups and they want someone better. i know of course what the other side of the coin is to other people. I now look forward to moving ahead, getting a full off season in, have alex throw alot to the new guys, get a good offensive lineman in free agency,mayyyybe sign gin and do the draft. I look forward to a press conference where maybe the niners will shed some light on the stuff that went on in the last week and a half.Good job to our coach for reaching out to mend fences with alex and good job to alex for responding when he could have slunk away into the night, like so many wanted him to. good job on both sides, lets get the trust back between them and move forward
Semi normal? The webzone is never even close to semi normal. Let the madness commense.
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