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Was our defense overrated last year? Interesting Read:

Originally posted by cwilson830:
Yards don't matter. Points do.

Yards only matter when Alex Smith haters are trying to discredit his ability.
Originally posted by SundayTicket:
Look inside our Division for starters 6 games:

Tavaris Jackson 2 games. (Looking for a new QB)
St Louis Rams 2 games (NO Bradford)
Arizona Cardinals 2 games (Skelton, no Kolb)

6 games out of 16 games... all against QB's that are poor quarterbacks and leads to there offense becoming one dimensional.

Onto the Next 10 games.

Clevland, Colt McCoy is on the outs, another one dimensional team with no WR's.
Washington Redskins, QB Controversey, much like our Troy Smith/Alex Smith changing QB's every 3 games.
Baltimore, Never known for there big offensive play ability but big time defense, still they put 16 against our 6 points.
Pittsburgh, a hurt ben roethlisburger. making poor throws off his HURT foot.
Tampa Bay, Freemans worst career year by far Threw More int's than TD's this year
Cincinnatti, Andy Daltons 3rd Career game against our defense..

Onto the 4 Last games where good teams did WELL against us
Take a look at the teams below and the QB's

Dallas, (Tony Romo 350 Yards Miles austin 150 Yards)
Detroit Matthew Stafford, 300 yards. Calvin Johnson 115 yards.
New York Giants, Eli Manning, 311 Yards, Victor Cruz 85yards, (Also they beat us in rushing yards as well)
Philadelphia, Michael Vick 400 Yards, Desean Jackson 170 Yards

Drew Brees 462 Yards!!
Eli Manning another 315 yards!!

I suppose the point is, against good teams that have there starting QB that is worth a dam, they actually were torching our defense and making them look like every other defense but when you add in the 12 OTHER GAMES where the teams offense was garbage, we looked elite, perhaps that would inflate our defenses stats, by a bigger margin than most of us are aware...

That is ridiculous. You are saying that unless a defense beats teams that play perfectly, then the defense is not too good after all. Well, I invite you to find one team in the history of the NFL that has had a good defense, using those criteria. It doesn't exist! A good defense causes other teams to make mistakes and look bad. A good defense creates wins, even when the other team scores or makes yardage.

Yes, Brees got over 400 yards passing, but he did that against just about every team he played last year. Yet we beat NO' most other teams didn't. Yes, Eli got yards against us but we beat him (we only lost in the playoffs due to a boner mistake by Williams).

The 49ers have a top tier defense, regardless of your attempts to massage statistics to suggest otherwise.
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Originally posted by Allx9er:
how's is this an interesting read


Double ditto.
Originally posted by longtime49erfan:
Originally posted by ninerfan818:
Originally posted by Allx9er:
how's is this an interesting read


Double ditto.

false advertising
Wow, such a long post when all you had to say Bullsh*t stats=defenz haz minimal skillz.

You dont mention the records of the teams WHEN we played them, or the streaks some of those teams were on, or the RB's that got KTFO, or being the first defense not to allow Megatron a TD, or the goal line stands, or the multiple probowlers & all pros, etc. nvm theres no point Yards are the only stat that matters and why Drew Brees won the superbowl... oh wait
No and was not an interesting read.
I just cancelled my DirecTV account due to this post by Sunday Ticket.
It is worrisome, but those teams still scored fewer points than they averaged against everyone else
Originally posted by cwilson830:
Yards don't matter. Points do.

No. From an eyeball test, that was the best defense in the league. Could probably be even more potent if the Niners can ramp up the offense and score more points and force the opposition to take more chances trying to play from behind. The containment of the Saints and the Giants in the playoffs was truly impressive and consistent with their solid play throughout the year.

Our defense is the sh!+ period!!! They may give up a lot of yards passing, that is only because teams cannot run the ball on us. Every team has a longer field because of Andy lee. Our d gives up yards but not many points. Our lack of offense also contributes to the amount of yards on defense as well. If anybody wants to know about our d tell them to ask any of our opponents how hard it was to score points.
Just a side note, the superbowl champs did not cross the 50 yard line for an entire half with their offense in a playoff game at that. Screw the haters they need to quit sipping that haterade.
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Here's a question for you..........why would you even post this drivel?
Bend but dont break!
one could argue were better than last year showed, as dashon was injured our first few games while madieu williams started in his place. Also we didn't have a full offseason to learn the scheme
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